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15 Август 2010 @ 04:28
 I'm indescribably happy to welcome all yoy guys ;)
In the first post I would like to show you a bit of my art. I think that in future I will post here only my works ...

M I'll be glad to new acquaintances as well =) I categorically do not have enough such people with whom I could discuss all my interest for Japan, Korea and something like that ~ Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Настроение: bouncybouncy
上田口の愛。。。kat-tun愛snow_guardian on Август, 15, 2010 02:35 (UTC)
>x< IT'S SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! *breathless*
omg!! i'm so jealous!!! i LOVE THIS! and hope to see more from you! ^^
megumi miraielle_gingembre on Август, 15, 2010 18:12 (UTC)
Thank you soo for your warm words ^^